Friday, 18 October 2013

DO's and DON'T's for fall

DO make sure to accesorize properly. Hats and jewellery and all. Jewellery can make an outfit, in my opinion. It can speak louder than any piece of clothing when you're looking to make a statement.

DON'T let your outfit speak too loudly. You want it to be loud but not obnoxious. Avoid wearing too much jewellery but don't make it hard to concentrate on how nice your outfit looks. Focus on one piece to be the centrepiece and compliment it with jewellery that matches.
DO experiment with colours. Black and white seem to be everyone's fallback colours (I know I'm guilty of that) but at the same time, if you truly want to stand out, nothing catches peoples eyes more than colour. Try to really make yourself "pop". Not saying that all black everything isn't okay sometimes.
DON'T pick two overly obnoxious colours to go together. You want one main colour to focus on, make sure your colour patterns don't clash with each other or you could end up looking like a hot mess.



  1. How often do you find it difficult to accessorize? I agree with the clashing colour's, some people can pull off the clashing colour's; but I defiantly can't

    1. Very rarely people can so do not worry! And I sometimes find it hard to find a balance of too much or too little when it comes to accessorize

  2. I think these rules translate to men's clothing as well. Obviously there are less accessories but the colours still apply. I tend to wear colours that are more subtle though, either a darker colour or a cooler colour. One colour I really dislike in clothing is orange. It always looks like a pumpkin!

  3. I just wear silly stuff....nothing to enhance my outfit, other than possibly making me look weird or ridiculous...which is what I'm going for. Maybe. I don't really know. How do you know what looks good and what doesn't?