Friday, 11 October 2013

BASE- On a serious note

Looking at the website for Base, a modelling agency in England, I came across their modeling profiles. I was impressed to see models ranging in many different age groups, but honestly a little disappointed to see few models who weren't white featured on the page. By the looks of it no plus sized models. I know I've said that models have a bad reputation but honestly, websites like these aren't helping. It's an honest shame that models are seen as tall, slender white women. Plus sized models and inter racial models are more on the outside. As I've mentioned not many black women walk the catwalk these days. It's not fair, bigger women, curvier women and women of different races should be walking the catwalk during fashion month without it being a big deal. Honestly it should NOT be a big deal. We shouldn't feel the need to publicize it when it does happen because, in my opinion it should be a social norm.




  1. I agree. There should be all sorts of women representing modelling agencies...but the idea of slender, tall, "perfect" women is so ingrained in our society, that it will be hard to make a positive change. When we try to give everybody a chance, the public eye scrutinizes those women for not fitting our ideals of beauty. But ideals of beauty differ all around the world. In some countries, if you're skinny, you're seen as ugly and weak, and full-bodied, curvy females are embraced for their fertility and good health...although, they also don't have modelling agencies.

  2. I totally agree , our looks are a huge part of you but I think it has been taken to far. We use to worship curvacous women and now they are seen as nothing more then a weight group. Inter-racial models to me have the most passion for the job and they should really allow more darker skinned people the chance without making it a big deal.

  3. Amber's comment seems racist. How can you possibly generalize passion to skin colour?

    I agree with what you said Sarah. My dad shoots a lot of fashion photography and is shocked by the lack of plus-sized and ethic models.