Friday, 25 October 2013

British Fashion Icons

Rita Ora is a British singer who is known for her keen sense of fashion. She's also been seen hanging around supermodel Cara Delevingne. She's well known for her bleach blonde hair and bright red lips. Her funky retro style is what makes her, in my opinion, a fashion icon.


Kate Middleton who can forget Kate? She's literally always in the public eye and she always looks good. She's an amazing role model for girls trying to dress classy. She's classy and sophisticated but in a stunning way, she can captivate a crowd's attention.


Victoria Beckham or as some people may know her, Posh Spice. She really lives up to that name. Victoria Beckham has impeccable style and really knows how to work her outfits. She also has her own clothing line. She must be doing something right I mean she is married to David Beckham!

Robert Pattinson is notorious for his "bad boy" rugged look, but he certainly cleans up well. Robert can throw on a hat and a flannel shirt and go from the rugged "homeless" look to suiting up and showing off his classy side.



Some people may think that the fashion industry is superficial and shallow, don't get me wrong it can be, but I'm going to show you what made me and others fall head over heels for it.

Reason 1: It's something to be passionate about and it goes on forever. Like the saying goes "La mode se démode, la style jamais." It's a fast paced business and trends are always changing, it's exciting and tiring all at the same time. 

Reason 2: It's a way to express yourself, to identify yourself to others. I know what you're thinking, it's wrong to judge a book by its cover but it's not always negative. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress and the way that they present themselves.

Reason 3: It's art. To some, designers clothes may look odd and uninteresting but it's real, living, breathing art! How much more real can it get than walking down a runway in front of you? The makeup, the hair and the clothing on the models make them almost inhuman and more like art.

Reason 4: Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy, for me, honestly, shopping is the most relaxing thing I can do. It takes all my focus, time and energy when I'm at the mall planning outfits. Some people read, others meditate. Well I love to spend all of my money on clothes. Even reading a good magazine is a distraction mechanism that I often use.

Friday, 18 October 2013

DO's and DON'T's for fall

DO make sure to accesorize properly. Hats and jewellery and all. Jewellery can make an outfit, in my opinion. It can speak louder than any piece of clothing when you're looking to make a statement.

DON'T let your outfit speak too loudly. You want it to be loud but not obnoxious. Avoid wearing too much jewellery but don't make it hard to concentrate on how nice your outfit looks. Focus on one piece to be the centrepiece and compliment it with jewellery that matches.
DO experiment with colours. Black and white seem to be everyone's fallback colours (I know I'm guilty of that) but at the same time, if you truly want to stand out, nothing catches peoples eyes more than colour. Try to really make yourself "pop". Not saying that all black everything isn't okay sometimes.
DON'T pick two overly obnoxious colours to go together. You want one main colour to focus on, make sure your colour patterns don't clash with each other or you could end up looking like a hot mess.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Every girl's crazy for a well dressed man!

A lot of mens fashion trends this fall are similar to women's. With the leather, camo and even burgendy.

Guys if you're looking for a sharp look to get some sophistocated ladies, I would suggest going for the scarf look along with some khakkis. It's clean and comfy. You can also never go wrong with a trench coat.

If you're trying to go for the bad boy look (because who can resist that) I would reccomend using leather or camo with a dark wash jean. Maybe even both! Alot of black is ideal this season.

Men are also playing around with different patterns this fall. With pants to tshirts to button downs and scarves, they're showing off their funky side.

Graphic tee's will also always be in style.

Get Trendy Ladies!

Here are some of my favourite fall trends today.

Patterns are huge! from soft to funky to animal print I'm loving all of the textures and ways that designers are playing with these prints. Use them as either a base for the outfit or the main attraction to it. DON'T go crazy with patterns, you want it to catch eyes but not be too confusing.

Leather/faux leather is the perfect way to accent your outfit and add a little bit of a rebel feel to it. Leather/pleather jackets can do a lot for a look. Pants go perfectly with combat boots for an edgy effect or cute flats for more of a soft and slick look. Leather sleeves on t-shirts and jackets also add a nice touch and are a good fall fashion investment paired with a cute beanie and you're set! DON'T wear too much leather, it's supposed to add a sleek feel, not a tacky one!

Emerald green and burgundy are classic fall colours. You can never go wrong with a piece in either of those colours. They will probably live on as fall legacies for a long time. I can just feel it. DON'T forget to pay attention to what colours you match with, you can never go wrong with black!

Camo and other military-type looks have been a hit for the fall look. A cute bomber jacket can add a vintage feel to an outfit. Once again DON'T go too overboard on the camo.

Over sized coats, sweaters and jackets are perfect for the cold weather, pair them with leggings or jeans and it's a comfy, cozy option. It's always good for layering but remember, DON'T layer too much, you wanna go for comfy, not frumpy.

Friday, 11 October 2013

BASE- On a serious note

Looking at the website for Base, a modelling agency in England, I came across their modeling profiles. I was impressed to see models ranging in many different age groups, but honestly a little disappointed to see few models who weren't white featured on the page. By the looks of it no plus sized models. I know I've said that models have a bad reputation but honestly, websites like these aren't helping. It's an honest shame that models are seen as tall, slender white women. Plus sized models and inter racial models are more on the outside. As I've mentioned not many black women walk the catwalk these days. It's not fair, bigger women, curvier women and women of different races should be walking the catwalk during fashion month without it being a big deal. Honestly it should NOT be a big deal. We shouldn't feel the need to publicize it when it does happen because, in my opinion it should be a social norm.



Bonkers for Burberry

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856! It's described to be "British and iconic"-Harry Styles. 
New CEO, Angela Ahrendts took home one of the biggest paychecks for anyone in her field (especially a woman) in 2003.

During London Fashion Week they mainly focused on neutral colours to focus more on the textures and the materials themselves. Keeping the colours simple allowed for the detail to stand out more as opposed to being overpowering. The outfits designed by Burberry, unlike most of the other ensembles could be pulled of both on the runway and in real life. They're "simply fabulous" said Harper Bazaar. They also focused a lot on leather, adding detailing for texture and an almost 3D feel. In my opinion, Burberry out did themselves at LFW.

Burberry Runway at London Fashion Week

Friday, 4 October 2013

Home grown models

Models these days get a lot of hate for what they do. Although it's a tough business they have a lot of negative stereotypes that follow them. Here's a bit about some of the British-born models that I love.

Charlotte Wiggins(18)
Born in Liverpool England. Charlotte never aspired to be a model. She grew up more on the sporty side. She was scouted and begged to join the agency called Select. She aspires to walk for designers like Chanel. Charlotte also walked her first Fashion Month this year, she claimed she was not expecting it to be as busy or as tiring as it was.


Cara Delevingne(21)

Born in London England. Cara is mostly known for her defined eyebrows. She has done work as a Victoria Secret model and and can be found all over ads in the September edition of Vogue as well as many other fashion magazines. She's very eccentric and fun-loving. She's a kind of role model for a lot of girls to be themselves.

Jourdan Dunn (23)
Born in London England. Jourdan is well known for her long, slender legs and beautiful eyes. In 2008 Jourdan broke a decade long streak for Prada and was the first black woman in 10 years to walk the runway for them which has been an inspiration for the lack of coloured runway models in the insdustry. She's modeled for Burberry, Victoria Secret, Aldo, Tommy Hilfigure and many more.

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