Friday, 25 October 2013

British Fashion Icons

Rita Ora is a British singer who is known for her keen sense of fashion. She's also been seen hanging around supermodel Cara Delevingne. She's well known for her bleach blonde hair and bright red lips. Her funky retro style is what makes her, in my opinion, a fashion icon.


Kate Middleton who can forget Kate? She's literally always in the public eye and she always looks good. She's an amazing role model for girls trying to dress classy. She's classy and sophisticated but in a stunning way, she can captivate a crowd's attention.


Victoria Beckham or as some people may know her, Posh Spice. She really lives up to that name. Victoria Beckham has impeccable style and really knows how to work her outfits. She also has her own clothing line. She must be doing something right I mean she is married to David Beckham!

Robert Pattinson is notorious for his "bad boy" rugged look, but he certainly cleans up well. Robert can throw on a hat and a flannel shirt and go from the rugged "homeless" look to suiting up and showing off his classy side.


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  1. It's neat to see the fashion icons you look up to. I'm starting to see where your inspiration really comes from. What's the appeal in the "homeless" look...why don't we find actual homeless persons fashionable? Should Kitchener's homeless population be featured on the catwalk? And why can't girls pull off that look as well as's almost as if we praise the "I don't care" attitude in men, but are critical of women who appear "unkept".