Friday, 11 October 2013

Bonkers for Burberry

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856! It's described to be "British and iconic"-Harry Styles. 
New CEO, Angela Ahrendts took home one of the biggest paychecks for anyone in her field (especially a woman) in 2003.

During London Fashion Week they mainly focused on neutral colours to focus more on the textures and the materials themselves. Keeping the colours simple allowed for the detail to stand out more as opposed to being overpowering. The outfits designed by Burberry, unlike most of the other ensembles could be pulled of both on the runway and in real life. They're "simply fabulous" said Harper Bazaar. They also focused a lot on leather, adding detailing for texture and an almost 3D feel. In my opinion, Burberry out did themselves at LFW.

Burberry Runway at London Fashion Week


  1. How do you find all this stuff? I guess I'm just totally incompetent when it comes to this sort of do you know what's "in"? What is life.

    1. I follow so many fashion accounts on every social media website I have....kinda sad really hahahah

  2. I'm really not seeing anything original here. The clothes look fine, but it's hardly something to be put in fashion week. Maybe they should stick to rain coats.