Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Let's get cozy

All I've seen over any social media network lately is "sweater weather". It's only fitting that I do at least one post solely on sweaters and why we love them.

Any plain knit sweater can be accessorized with any kind of neaklace to add any kind of feel to an outfit. Sweaters and any kind of jewellery, for me go hand in hand to make my outfits shine. It seems like more or less the theme this season for sweaters are more neutral colours with gold accessories.


Grandpa sweaters are a winter classic. It's comfy, kinda tacky but also very cute. They're usually a bit more on the baggy side. For your lonely nights you can just cuddle up by the fire with your sweater, a good book and a hot chocolate!


There are also more sophisticated, form-fitting sweaters. They go well overtop of a denim buttun up or overtop of a nice skirt or dress.


Whatever your preference, zip ups or cozy knits, sweaters are a chilly season favourite for everyone.

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