Monday, 11 November 2013

Demin for days

Something that's always been around, but that's making a serious comeback is denim.

Denim jackets, fitted ones can look good with a dress, or loose ones can look good with a t-shirt and leggings. Boys denim jackets are good for the fall and go well with a sweater underneath for added warmth!

Ripped jeans are good for a rugged look or dark wash jeans for a polished look. Jeggings, in my opinion, are way more comfortable than regular jeans. Baggier jeans are finally coming back in style (thank God I hated having to wriggle into my pants). That's also a positive for boys. Skin tight jeans should belong on nobody (they're just not comfy), but maybe that's just me.


Demin button ups are also in style for men and women. Ladies you can even put a comfy sweater overtop! (Gotta love layering)

But really. The new big thing is denim on denim. A fashion faux pas for many years before is finally making a comeback. Just be careful and make sure you do two different colours of denim...or else it could look weird.

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  1. Are jeggings as warm or warmer than jeans? I like your denim tips. I like to add patches/paint on my denim jackets to give it a little something extra.